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Oil filter oil filter manufacturers resolved common problems solutions

Oil filter for oil careers is very important, oil filter can ensure the quality of oil, then the oil filter if problem can not guarantee the accurate operation of the filtering process, then the oil filter

What are common problems solutions? Common problem for oil filter filter damage and spray between two filter plates, do not analyze the problem as a separate cleaning below: oil filter the filter plate damaged

Bad van oil filter oil filter the filter plate damage is a common problem. If the number of filter damage when there are analysis of the following elements:

Manufacturing quality of filter plates; filter plate selection of raw material and feed pump head is matching gap press should think together Gulf oil filter and internal machining quality of steel lining. In regular

Under normal conditions, filter pressure on both sides in a balanced condition. When the filter is not the same on both sides of the plate during that side of the filter, on the other side for hydraulic extrusion, filter plates on either side forming a pressure difference

And damage to the filter plate. Factors: discharge process, filter plates on both sides of the residual sludge volume; beginning filter filter, feeding pump parking time halfway through a long, filter indoor half activity filter

Pie rendering different degrees of subsidence; feeding hole filter plate block.


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