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Oil filter supplies the correct cleaning of filter element replacement

Vacuum filter oil machine found due to General filter device is to filter to end clean action, they of defects is will makes subtle of particles easy of after or big of impurities completely jam, makes you of machine damaged, and centrifugal separation device in the of rotor, is is except will oil in the of impurities separation out yiwai, does not contains other any things, never will effect you of oil and the oil in the additives. Separate cleaning action initiated by the engine start immediately, and the Center will not stop, even when it exceeded the amount of filth filter is more than 5 times, still insisted on cleanliness of oil and oil additives can continue for a long time. Centrifugal oil purifier principle simple, effective. In its interior there is a rotor with dual nozzle spray, just attack by oil pressure to supply its driving force. Equipment after the opening, inside the tank after pump oil to the rotor, along the lower part of the dial after oil filled rotor nozzle spray, then attack drive rotor rotating at high speed. Its speed can reach more than 4000-6000r.p.m, more than 2000 times times the strength of gravity, the principle of centrifugal force separates the direct instigation of impurities from the oil. Strong and sharp metal abrasion material, together with those parts of wear or oil change residual deposits, even 1 ╬╝ m size can also be taken out. Centrifugal oil purifier to separate impurities impurities attached to the rotor in the collection cover, just regular cleansing. Others, due to the large proportion of water than oil, under the effect of the centrifugal force, in the rotor of oil-water separating oil dish, simply rid the clean, filtered oil is gravity flow directly back into the fuel tank.


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