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Transformer insulating oil and gas over causes and solutions

Insulating oil in transformers oil gas contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, acetylene, ethylene, hydrogen and other gases. Use transformer oil needs to be detected is ethyne,

By chromatographic analysis can be drawn. If is the total gas content in transformer oil gas content of insulating oil tester is needed. By testing the insulating oil and gas content from the reaction of the paper-oil insulation aging speed

Rates, which determine the use of transformer life, so the increase in oil and gas content in transformer oil will accelerate the rate of aging. Both oils contain flammable acetylene is total gas

Overweight, will seriously affect the insulating properties of the oil, so when a detection occurs unqualified, must use vacuum degassing gas filtering device of transformer oil to remove or reduce

The acting. Acetylene when we found overweight, must use a double-stage vacuum oil-filtering machine for vacuum degassing and purification treatment, because it is many of the power station and electrical maintenance company essential oil treatment equipment! It is worth reminding that, many new in transformer oil

Acetylene is a common vacuum oil filter performance is left imperfect, but high performance two-stage highly effective vacuum degassed oil filter function ensuring zero acetylene. It adopted a two-stage highly effective vacuum unit, fast

Speed enhances the overall vacuum and suction capacity at low temperature in a fast and efficient removal of transformer oil moisture, gases, particulate, can effectively reduce transformer installation and maintenance duration

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